This policy sets out the response of Amélie Housing to receive and record receipt of  gifts by Amélie Housing staff, and outlines the circumstances in which gifts are able to be accepted, or not acceptable. This policy applies to all staff, contractors, applicants, tenants and key stakeholders of Amélie Housing.

­Receipt of Gifts

Amélie Housing is an independent housing organisation, offering housing services to those in need.

The independence of Amélie Housing, both actual and perceived, is a key aspect of our business model. It is critical that all staff act without external influence, but are seen and perceived to act without influence in providing services and interacting with applicants, clients, and stakeholders.

It is against Amélie Housing Probity policy to accept any gift when it can reasonably be perceived that the person offering the gift may derive a benefit if the gift is accepted. A benefit may include favourable treatment, or the allocation of more work to suppliers or contractors, or perceived faster access to housing.


What is acceptable and what is not?

Under no circumstances are staff to accept a gift from a client, contractor or from a supplier who has not performed work for the company or accessed services in the prior 12 months.

Clients and suppliers may offer small tokens of appreciation such as food and flowers or small hampers at Christmas time. It is acceptable to receive gifts of this nature if they are of nominal value and the gift is offered as the result of a genuine goodwill gesture.


If a gift is received you must:

  1. State to the person offering the gift that acceptance of the gift will be recorded in a gift register.
  2. Enter details of the gift into the gift register as soon as the gift is received or you return to the office.
  3. Ensure that the gift register is countersigned by your supervisor or another senior member of staff.

Gifts received should where possible, be shared amongst all staff.

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