This policy applies to all staff, contractors, and volunteers of Amélie Housing who use social media on behalf of Amélie Housing, and staff, contractors and volunteers personal use of social media about Amélie Housing.

Amélie Housing has a social media policy that encourages staff, members and volunteers to share the story of our work.  In doing so, there are policy requirements that cover legal responsibilities such as privacy, confidentiality and respect.


Using Social Media in Amélie Housing

What is social media?

Social media in Amélie Housing means using websites and platforms which allows people to interact online.


What are the requirements?

Amélie Housing policy on social media involves the following:

Know your legal and regulatory responsibilities – When using social media, you must abide by the laws governing the online environment you are working in.

Preserve confidential information – You must not share or post sensitive or confidential information about Amélie Housing.

Be respectful to others and to Amélie Housing – Be mindful of what you post and the effect it could have on other people. Never post anything that could be interpreted as defamatory or discriminatory, obscene, profane, threatening abusive or harassment of another individual, community, business or organisation.

Be aware of prohibited topics – Do not use your position to advocate or endorse any third-party product, enterprise, message or political view.

Stay on message – We use social media as a way of broadening the message of Amélie Housing

 Maintain your duty of care – Duty of care means respecting and upholding legal and privacy obligations for clients, staff and partner organisations.  This applies especially in relation to posting pictures of children or any other person who could reasonably require assistance in providing informed consent for their image or story to be used.

Include a personal disclaimer – If you can be recognised withinAmélie Housing when expressing personal opinions, you must add a disclaimer such as “These opinions are my own and do not represent Amélie Housing”

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