The St Vincent de Paul Society & Amélie Housing

The need for affordable and social housing

For over 130 years the St Vincent de Paul Society has been working in Australia to shape a more just and compassionate society.

The mission of St Vincent de Paul is to reduce homelessness. Promoting stable tenancies and avoiding eviction and homelessness is a high priority in this context. SVDP provides a range of supports for people who are disadvantaged, including support services which are particularly relevant to tenants at risk. SVDP works to empower people, supporting pathways to independence, and to create sustainable outcomes for clients. Support services are provided by funded professional staff, and by experienced and trained members and volunteers.

The Society is a grass roots organisation with more than 20,736 members and 41,152 volunteers participating in local Conferences where they seek to offer a hand up to those in need. Members do this by respecting the dignity of clients, sharing our hope and encouraging people to take control of the outcomes they would like to see in their lives.

Members have seen firsthand the consequences of the failure of the housing market to provide safe, secure and affordable housing to those on low incomes. Our emergency relief is increasingly aimed at assisting individuals and families secure a home or pay for the necessities of life because rent has consumed such a high proportion of their income.

A range of national programs supporting Australians in need can be viewed on the Vinnies National website.

Members understand that many Australians could be one or two pay checks away from homelessness and seeks to support those who require it to sustain housing in the private market, access affordable housing, Members support the development of a company that aims to sustain social housing for those who are on a very low income. homeless, at risk of homelessness have complex additional needs or who cannot meet their housing needs in any other way.

Amélie Housing was established in 2012 and has grown from initially being a NSW focused organisation, to a national organisation incorporating the expertise and experience of housing organisations in other states and territories.This includes incorporating the many years’ experience in delivering supportive social housing services through the Frederic Ozanam Housing service in South Australia in addition to the Society’s housing program in the ACT.

Working together under the umbrella of Amélie Housing, special works and projects in those states and territories continue to provide much needed housing, social and material support to those who need it most.

Governance and leadership

Amélie Housing is a company with an experienced and committed board of directors, executive team and staff.

The Company Board has been appointed by the members based on their commitment to the values and mission of the Society as well as their skills and experience to give strategic direction to and manage the risks of a community housing business that aspires to grow and develop into a major provider of social and affordable housing throughout Australian states and territories.

Amélie Housing is a Registered Tier 1 Community Housing Provider under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing. Amélie seeks to “bring hope through housing” to those who are excluded or isolated from society due to many complex factors making affordable, safe and secure housing harder to access or sustain.