• Allocation of Housing Policy

    Amélie Housing will allocate social and affordable housing properties requirements to eligible applicants in a way that is transparent and fair. All properties will be allocated in accordance with regulatory guidelines for each state Read More

    Nominations and Support Policy

    Amélie Housing works with partner organisations to provide additional support which allows people experiencing complexity in their lives to sustain and maintain their tenancy. It is the policy of Amélie Housing to accept referrals Read More

    Rental Bond Management Policy

    This Policy is to assist Amélie Housing staff to manage Rental Bonds when starting a new tenancy or transferring a tenancy. Amélie Housing supports applicants and tenants to actively participate in establishing and supporting Read More

  • Establishing and Maintaining Tenancy policy

    It is the policy of Amélie Housing to: Meet all the legal requirements of a landlord as set out in the Residential Tenancy Act (2010) Offer security of tenure under the different program guidelines Read More

    Rent Management Policy

    It is the policy of Amélie Housing to: Comply with all laws, funding agreements and Government guidelines regarding rent management in each jurisdiction where Amélie Housing manages tenancies Ensure tenants understand Amélie Housing’s rent Read More

    Changing Needs of Tenant Policy

    It is the policy of Amélie Housing to: Recognise the changing needs of tenants and how this impacts on the size, location and type of property they are eligible for or live in Manage Read More

  • Tenant Participation Policy

    It is the policy of Amélie Housing to: Ensure that tenant participation is supported at all levels of the organisation Provide all new tenants with membership application forms on the signing of their tenancy Read More

    Tenant Rights Policy

    It is the policy of Amélie Housing to: Acknowledge at every level within the organisation that tenants are the most important part of the organisation Acknowledge that tenants have a role in the decision-making Read More

    Termination of Tenancy Policy

    It is the policy of Amélie Housing to: Assist tenants to comply with the terms of their Residential Tenancy Agreement Prevent and minimise the occurrence of tenant breaches Identify breaches of tenancy at the Read More

  • Mutual Exchange

    Amélie Housing does not offer a mutual exchange program. This policy explains what mutual exchange is, and alternative options for tenants who would like to apply to transfer from their existing tenancy. What is Read More