At Amélie Housing, we support tenants to pay their rent on time and in advance. We encourage tenants to do this by using Centrepay, an automatic deduction system. This can help you avoid going into rental debt.

Understanding how rent is calculated in social, affordable and transitional housing can be complicated.


We charge rent according to government requirements. To comply with the Community Housing Rent Policy.

South Australia

The SA Government provides information on rent charging and calculation by program type.


In the ACT, the Housing ACT website provides information on rent charging and calculations in their Rent payment policy.

Rental rebate information is also provided, which includes the policy approach to market rent.

You will be given a statement of how much your rent is, how it was calculated, and the different ways in which you can pay your rent. You will also know how much rental subsidy you are entitled to. The rental subsidy reduced the rent you pay from market rent, which is the full cost of renting a property, to subsidised rent, which the rent you pay based on your income.

Rent Review

Twice a year, you will be asked to provide proof of income on how much you are earning. This will affect how much rent you pay. It is important to provide accurate and up to date information, to make sure you receive the exact amount of rental subsidy you are entitled to.

If you do not provide rental income details on time, your rent subsidy could be cancelled and you may be asked to pay market rent.

For more information on Rent, Rental Subsidy and Rent reviews, see the Rent Management Policy.