There are many ways in which members of the society, volunteers and programs support those in the community who needs it.

SVDP volunteers

There are many Conference members and volunteers within the Society. The Society recruits and trains volunteers with appropriate qualifications and experience, and allocates volunteers to programs, and matches volunteers with individuals and families, as appropriate

Financial assistance to clients includes food vouchers/ parcels, utility costs, clothing, household items, medical assistance, accommodation, meals, transport and other assistance.
Visitation programs are an important aspect of the assistance provided by SVDP, where Conference members and volunteers meet with people in their home, or at community Centre’s. This helps overcome barriers to accessing assistance.

Compeer program

SVDP has been providing the Compeer program in Australia since 1995. The program provides volunteer support to people with a mental illness. Volunteers are matched with clients to provide friendly support, and to assist with recreational activities. This support is provided in the context of a medical/ rehabilitation case plan. Support arrangements are put in place for at least 12 months.

This means people with mental illness do not struggle alone. There is support and care available to help people experience and sustain the best possible quality of life for them.

Material aid and Emergency Support

SVDP understands that situations can impact households, families and individuals meaning they require a little extra material support.

Emergencies do happen – and on a low income these emergencies and unexpected costs can mean going without on essentials like food, fridges or washing machines, blankets and other essential items.

Vinnies can provide material aid, including brokerage, which can be used to directly assist tenants and applicants of Amélie Housing.

Staff in housing services have extensive history in assessing tenant needs and referring to organisations to help the person choose what they require assistance with, and help secure short-term emergency assistance, brokerage, access to low or no interest loans and whitegoods.

Tenants and applicants applying for material aid and emergency support may also be provided with a case manager.