Affordable housing is designed for people on low or moderate incomes who have difficulty accessing and maintaining housing in the provide market or for those with additional needs.

South Australia

In South Australia, information about affordable housing properties can be found through HomeSeekerSA.  For support in understanding and completing applications, contact Amélie Housing SA on 1800 950 575 or the team at Rent Right SA

New South Wales

In NSW, affordable housing is available to people on moderate to low incomes who cannot afford to purchase or own a property or rent in the private market, including key workers for the economy who need housing close to their place of work.

Tenants in affordable housing properties pay up to 30% of their gross income (income before tax) and Commonwealth Rent Assistance; in most cases rent is reviewed annually and set for the duration of the lease (for tenants on fixed term leases).

Gross income includes all forms of incomes and assets including any financial investments, annuities, inheritance etc. If a tenant owns property anywhere it must be declared. Once housed, all tenants must notify Amélie Housing immediately of any changes to income levels so that rent obligations may be reviewed as appropriate.

In NSW, many affordable housing vacancies are advertised on WelcomeMat and all Amélie Housing affordable housing vacancies can be viewed on WelcomeMat.

WelcomeMat offers the option to sign up for notifications about suitable vacancies.

Want more help?

Amélie Housing partners with the St Vincent de Paul Society to provide wrap around services to our tenants. In Australia more than 60,000 members and volunteers assist people in need and work to combat social injustice across Australia. Want more help settling in and living well in your community?

Visit: Vinnies website to find help in your state and territory