At Amélie Housing, the health and safety of our tenants and visitors and community is our   priority.

Amélie Housing has updated our pandemic response as the Covid-19 situation has changed. Please continue to follow public health orders in each state and territory.

Thank you to all our tenants and stakeholders for your continued effort and commitment throughout the pandemic.

Covid-19 Response Policy

This policy assists in ensuring Amélie Housing responds to the risk of Covid-19 in a way that aligns with evidence-based public health guidance in all our states and territories while maintaining a high level of service.   Amélie Housing will respond rapidly, safely, and effectively to ensure the well-being of our tenant community, any person visiting them in their home, our stakeholders, contractors, and staff.

What we require from tenants, staff, contractors, and visitors

What we require from tenants, staff, contractors, and visitors

We ask all tenants, contractors, staff, and volunteers to practice Covid-safe practices. This includes the following public health guidelines:

  • Stay at home if you are unwell.
  • Get tested if you are displaying symptoms of Covid-19 using the testing protocol in your state or territory
  • Follow public health guidance in place in your state or territory.
  • Stay up to date with public health advice and any restrictions.
  • Check into venues using a QR code on your smartphone or government application if required
  • Report the results of a positive rapid antigen test in each state and territory as required

Follow public health guidance and test reporting requirements in your state or territory.

We ask tenants, visitors and contractors to follow public health advice in each state or territory, including any restrictions or use of Personal Protective Equipment such as wearing masks indoors or social distancing.

For information on Covid-19 in your state or territory,  access the websites or contact the numbers provided.

State or territory   Website Hotline
Australian Capital Territory
New South Wales 137788 (Service NSW)
South Australia

Report positive rapid antigen tests

Each state and territory require that positive Rapid Antigen tests be reported to the government within 24 hours of notification by the person receiving the result.    To report a positive rapid antigen test result, use the number or link provided.


State or territory   Website Hotline
Australian Capital Territory Rapid antigen test (RAT) – positive result registration form Please call 02 5124 6500 between 8 am and 6 pm
New South Wales Service NSW Report a Rapid Antigen Test Covid-19 Assistance   Line  13 77 88
South Australia South Australia, RAT tests and reporting SA COVID-19 Information Line on 1800 253 787.

Access information and support on managing Covid-19 if you test positive

Access information on managing Covid-19, including symptoms and where to seek help, treating symptoms at home, monitoring symptoms, Covid-19medications, hospital and intensive care services and Covid symptom checkers.

State or territory   Website Hotline
National Coronavirus hotlineSymptom checker hotline1800020080
Health Direct AustraliaCovid-19
Health Direct AustraliaCovid-19 information and support services by state or territory
Australian Capital Territory Information for people who test positive for Covid-19
New South WalesManagement and support after testing positive for Covid-19 137788 (Service NSW)
South Australia Covid-19 positive advice1800253787

Covid-Safe protocols for service delivery

As a special work of St Vincent de Paul Society, Amélie Housing abides by the Covid-Safe protocols, including:

  • travel protocols
  • face to face activity protocols
  • vulnerable personnel protocols
  • Reporting to SafeWork in each State or Territory if a worker tests positive in the workplace or was infectious in the workplace with Covid-19 as per current state and territory government requirements or WHS protocols

This means we take practical steps in line with public health orders to protect any tenant or staff member identified under public health definitions as vulnerable to severe outcomes of Covid-19.

Employer obligations to report Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) Results for an employee testing positive at work or infections on site

Reporting requirements are subject to change as State and Territory requirements change.

The operations manager will notify a positive test result for a staff member or contractor to the St Vincent De Paul Ciovid-19 hub, who will make the notification as per each state and territory requirement. All health information will be handled per National Privacy Principles.


State or territory   Website Reporting requirements
Australian Capital Territory  

Work Safe ACT Covid-19 notification and advice

  Report a Covid-19 case if a person contracts it in the workplace or is hospitalised


New South Wales Safe Work NSW notification form  Report if a person contracts Covid-19 at work or was infectious at work, was hospitalised or a fatality occurred.
South Australia  

WorkSafe SA Covid-19 Notification

Work, Health and Safety responsibilities


Practical steps to protect tenants, staff, and community at greater risk

Amelie housing takes steps to protect members of our community who may be at risk of more severe disease. If a tenant, staff member or volunteer is a vulnerable person, Amelie housing may:

  • Recommend the use of personal protective equipment by tradespersons for any onsite visits to your home.
  • Limit office attendance and provide remote services.
  • Reschedule any service if a tenant or staff member is unwell.
  • Support any vulnerable staff or volunteers to work remotely.

Repairs and maintenance

With additional safety measures in place, repair and maintenance are being carried out at Amélie Housing properties.

If you have maintenance scheduled and you are unwell:

  • If you are a tenant, we ask that you: report immediately if you are unwell on the day of your scheduled maintenance with any respiratory symptoms that could be Covid-19.
  • We will reschedule your appointment as soon as you are well; you will not be charged a cancellation fee if you advise us that you are unwell before the appointment.
  • If you display symptoms of any respiratory illness and a tradesperson attends your home, they may not complete the work.

General precautions

  • A tradesperson may wear a mask inside your home, for example, a surgical mask or other face covering.
  • You may choose to wear a mask inside your home when tradespeople attend.

In-person appointments and office attendance

Amélie Housing is currently working per the St Vincent De Paul society Covid Safe protocols, including office arrangements for in-person appointments.

In-person arrangements and appointments can change in each state and territory. Please check current Government guidance on self-isolation protocols if you are unwell,  or contact your housing manager, whose contact details are listed in your lease.

Please do not attend the office or in-person appointments if you are unwell or have tested positive for Covid-19.

Tenant support and increased community transmission of Covid-19

Listen to our podcast if you, or a household member has tested positive for Covid-19.


Covid-19 information in other languages

The NSW Department of Health has provided information about Covid-19 in a range of languages. Click the link to find and download information in languages other than English.

Additional support services

Are you okay? This is a difficult situation and sometimes need a little extra support. There are phone support lines. Many in the community are struggling with feelings of isolation, loneliness, and some are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and symptoms of depression. Please ask for help. You are not alone

Thankyou for your ongoing commitment to maintaining a stable tenancy in difficult circumstances

We’d also like to acknowledge all of our tenants who are paying rent in advance and paying down debt. Remember you can access financial advice and No Interest Loans through the NILS Program at St Vincent de Paul if you need financial planning assistance or to buy household goods without expensive credit.

  • Property Maintenance programming: Emergency and regular works procedures have been adjusted to ensure all works are delivered in a Covid-Safe manner, call 1800 950 575 to find out more
  • Emergency contacts: Please ensure we have an up to date contact in case of an emergency
  • Please contact your housing manager for further information or assistance

At Amélie Housing we are committed to working with you in this challenging time.


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