Social housing is provided for people on low incomes who require assistance to meet their housing needs.


In NSW, access to Social Housing is managed under one system, called Housing Pathways. This system helps you access the wait list for social housing, called the NSW Social Housing Register. You can apply for social housing at any office of Housing NSW, or through Amélie Housing

For more information about Housing Pathways, visit the Housing Pathways website.

South Australia

In South Australia, you can apply directly through Amélie Housing, or at a Housing South Australia office.

For more information on applying for housing in South Australia visit the SA Housing Authority


In the Australia Capital Territory, applications can be made through Housing ACT, and all applicants will be placed on the Social Housing Register for social and community housing.

For social and community housing  See the Housing ACT website for eligibility criteria

More information

For more information on accessing and allocation of social housing in NSW and South Australia, please read the Allocation of housing policy