While you are a tenant of Amélie Housing, you are required to pay for water usage. This is called a water usage charge, or water usage tenant charge. It is billed separately to a non-rent account.


Amélie Housing will collect water usage charges for operational purposes

Water costs are charged under The NSW Residential Tenancy Act 2010, and NSW Ministerial Guidelines for Community Housing Water Charges July 2012.

Only the water usage charges can be charged to an eligible tenant or ex-tenant.

An eligible tenant is a tenant of Amélie Housing who has a current signed tenancy agreement with Amélie Housing for a dwelling that is independently metered for water, or where water can be charged on a flat fee of $5.00 per week.

South Australia

water is charged under the SA Government Water Usage policy. If a property has a separate meter, you will be charged for the water you use. If a property has a shared water meter, SA Housing Authority pays 30% of the bill and the remainder is shared equally amongst the tenants in the complex.

For more information on Water Charges please see the Water Charges policy