Do you know how to give feedback?

Amélie Housing  has a goal support all our tenants to understand how to give feedback.

We made resources to support you to learn more about how to give feedback, and why it is important. .

On this page, you will find a podcast, and a presentation to scroll through to help you understand how to  give feedback and how it helps us develop services that work for you.

Tenant podcast: Giving Feedback

Access the Amélie Housing Tenant Podcast Episode 3 to learn more about giving feedback:


You can download a script for this podcast: Tenant Podcast Episode 3 Giving Feedback Script

Tenant Module: How to give feedback

Scroll through our Tenant Module: How to complain

Now take the quiz to check your knowledge on giving feedback.


Remember you can contact your housing worker or support worker if you would like more information, or use the contact form through the website.