When you are starting a new tenancy, Amélie Housing understands there is a lot of new information and forms. We try to make this process as easy as we can, and comply with all required legislation in each state and territory.

When starting a tenancy, you will be given all the following information:


A copy of the NSW Fair Trading New Tenant Checklist. We can provide this in your first language if it is available. For copies of the New Tenant Checklist, visit Fair Trading NSW Website.

South Australia

All the forms for starting a tenancy can be found on SA Housing Authority government website. The information to be given to a tenant will be completed and discussed with you.


If you are in the Australian Capital Territory, you will be given a copy of The Renting Book. Download The Renting Book here.

All states

  • A signed Residential Tenancy Agreement – There are two copies, one for you and one for Amélie Housing
  • A Property Condition Report – So you can document the condition of your property and let us know if any repairs are required
  • A copy of our complaints and appeals policy – Including how to lodge a complaint if you are not happy with our service
  • Consent to Exchange Information Form – If you are working with support providers or would like to access support
  • Centrelink Deduction Consent and Multiple Deduction Scheme Form – So your rent and water charges can be deducted from your Centrelink payment automatically each fortnight
  • Bond Lodgement Form – To sign for lodgement of the bond on your property
  • Copy of Keys Received Form – To show you have received the keys to your property
  • A copy of the Amélie Housing Tenant Guide – With all the information you need to manage your tenancy
  • A Starting a Tenancy checklist – For you to sign, acknowledging you have received all the documents and information you need to start a tenancy, and where to go if you need help
  • How to connect electricity, manage electricity costs and access services that can help you purchase a fridge, or washing machine

More information

Do you need help?
Visit: Vinnies website to find help in your state and territory