Amélie Housing will advertise, allocate and manage affordable housing properties to eligible applicants in a way that is transparent and fair.

Affordable Rental Housing (Affordable Housing) means a program that offers properties at a rental price below the private rental market for income earners in a low to moderate income bracket.

All properties will be allocated in accordance with regulatory guidelines for each state and territory.



Eligibility for Affordable Housing properties and programs are set by State Governments, or by Commonwealth programs.

Amélie Housing offers affordable rental housing properties in multiple stated and territories and complies with eligibility criteria for each.

Amélie Housing will

  • Advertise properties when they become available through digital media
  • Clearly state income eligibility for each property
  • Clearly state eligibility for each property
  • Clearly state the length of initial tenancy offered


Income and Eligibility

Income limits apply for eligibility for affordable housing properties and programs.

These may differ from state to territory, depending on the program type and funding.

Income limits vary across affordable housing programs and according to household size, with the maximum limit increasing with each additional person in a household.

Amélie Housing will advertise income limits for eligibility for each vacancy according to the requirements of the state, territory and program.


Current Income and Eligibility Guidelines


New South Wales

South Australia


Income limits will be updated and reviewed as income limits change. This is generally on an annual basis.

Amélie Housing will update the links to income limits and change the income limits on advertised properties when each change occurs.


Proof of Income

Proof of income must be verified through documents including:

  • Payslip, letter or statement from an employer detailing the gross wage, applicable tax, deductions, pay period and payee details for salary or wages
  • Profit and loss statement completed by an accountant or taxation return for self-employed client
  • Letter or statement from an investment organisation about savings/investments providing details of the amount received
  • Letter from another organisation or income provider (not listed above) detailing the amount and type of income received
  • Three months of bank statements from an Australian financial institution


General Eligibility

For most programs, applicants must

  • Be an Australian citizen
  • Be a resident of the state or territory in which they are applying
  • Earn an independent income  within the eligibility limits (not all household members can rely on government payments such as Newstart)
  • Remain eligible for the duration of tenancy (i.e. remain in employment to maintain eligibility)
  • Be able to provide proof of identity
  • Be able to live independently
  • Be over 18 years of age

Advertisement of Vacancies and Open House

Amélie Housing uses digital media to advertise Affordable Rental Housing properties, such as Real

Amélie Housing will also alert support providers and partner organisations who have clients who may meet eligibility criteria to apply when properties become available.

All properties will be inspected at an open house, and applicants will be able to lodge an application for Affordable Housing after viewing the property.



Any eligible person who wants to apply for an affordable housing property will need to complete a standard rental application.

This includes being able to provide proof of:

  • Rental history and housing history
  • Income, including income from employment
  • Proof of identity
  • Household members



Amélie Housing may keep waitlists for properties or interested persons who wish to apply for affordable housing properties.

Wait list will be ranked in order of application and meeting eligibility requirements for each vacancy.

If a household is not successful in their application, they may be invited to reapply when other vacancies arise,


Complaints and Appeals

If a tenant is not satisfied with a service provided by Amélie Housing or does not agree with a decision it has made, they can ask for a formal review. To do this, the tenant can complete a review of decision form.
Details on how to make a complaint, provide feedback or lodge an appeal are found in Amélie Housing Complaints and Appeals policy.


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