It is the policy of Amélie Housing that all alterations to a property must be requested in writing, and must be approved prior to any work being carried out.

All alterations must comply with relevant state and territory guidelines for alterations and additions prior to, after and during the alteration.

Alterations in leasehold properties will not be permitted.

All alterations must comply with Work, Health and Safety legislation requirements in each state and territory, without exception. This policy applies to all staff, contractors, applicants, tenants and key stakeholders of Amélie Housing. It also applies to companion animals, therapy animals, any restricted animals and prospective pets entering Amélie Housing properties.

Alterations Policy

All alterations must be approved by Amélie Housing before any work is done.

When deciding whether to give permission for improvements, Amélie Housing will consider the presence in the property of asbestos-cement or other building products that contain asbestos.

Alterations and asbestos cement

When making any improvements to the property, tenants should avoid any activities that may result in asbestos fibres being released into the air, such as:

  • breaking asbestos-cement,
  • dusting sweeping or vacuuming near broken asbestos-cement,
  • using electric power tools,
  • drilling, sanding or sawing.

In addition, the following activities are illegal and should not be undertaken:

  • disposing of asbestos-cement or other products containing asbestos in domestic rubbish bins or skips,
  • using water-blasting equipment on asbestos-cement or other materials containing asbestos.

Restoring alterations that are not approved

If any alterations are undertaken that are not approved, tenants will be responsible for the cost of restoring the property and the alteration to the original state as set out in the property condition report. See the Additional Tenant Charges policy for more information.

Complaints and Appeals

If a tenant is not satisfied with a service provided by Amélie Housing or does not agree with a decision it has made, they can ask for a formal review. To do this, the tenant can complete a review of decision form.

Details on how to make a complaint, provide feedback or lodge an appeal are found in Amélie Housing Complaints and Appeals policy.

Additional Information for NSW Tenants:

If a tenant is unhappy with the outcome of an appeal to Amélie Housing, they can lodge an appeal Housing Appeals Committee. The Housing Appeals Committee is an independent agency that reviews certain decisions made by staff of Community Housing organisations and Housing NSW. For information on the Housing Appeals Committee call 1800 629 794 or go to

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