This policy sets out how Amélie Housing responds to windows requiring key locks, according to legislation and the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 This policy applies to all staff, contractors, applicants, tenants and key stakeholders of Amélie Housing. This policy applies to both leasehold and capital properties for the Amélie Housing portfolio

Keys and Window Locks Policy

As part of our commitment to safe housing, all windows above ground floor that could be accessible to children will have safety locks installed.

To meet standards and requirements, safety locks or key window locks will be installed if:

  • The internal floor below the window is above the outside surface by 2meteres or more and
  • The window’s lowest part is less than 1.7m above the floor of the property

All safety locks and devices fitted will:

  • Be child-safe and child-proof
  • Be fit for purpose
  • Be installed by an appropriately qualified tradesperson
  • Will reduce and maintain the window opening to 12.5centimetres

Complaints and Appeals

If a tenant is not satisfied with a service provided by Amélie Housing or does not agree with a decision it has made, they can ask for a formal review. To do this, the tenant can complete a review of decision form.

Details on how to make a complaint, provide feedback or lodge an appeal are found in Amélie Housing Complaints and Appeals policy.

Additional information for NSW tenants:

If a tenant is unhappy with the outcome of an appeal to Amélie Housing, they can lodge an appeal Housing Appeals Committee. The Housing Appeals Committee is an independent agency that reviews certain decisions made by the staff of Community Housing organisations and Housing NSW. For information on the Housing Appeals Committee call 1800 629 794 or go to

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