It is the policy of Amélie Housing to:

  • Plan for the maintenance of its assets to ensure accommodation quality and overall values are upheld
  • Ensure that each property is maintained according to an individual asset management plan
  • Ensure value for money is obtained from its housing portfolio.

This policy applies to all tenants, household occupants, staff, and contractors of Amélie Housing.

Asset management plans

Amélie Housing will ensure that each property’s asset management plan encompasses 20 years and covers:

  • Responsive repairs
  • Cyclical issues
  • Long term maintenance/upgrade actions
  • Safety and security issues
  • Structural issues
  • The ongoing viability of the property

Amélie Housing will conduct a technical property audit on all properties to ascertain their current condition and planned maintenance needs, with consideration to both cyclical and long-term maintenance.  If a property audit reveals that planned maintenance exceeds 25 percent of the value of the property, Amélie Housing will commence discussions with funding bodies to dispose of the property due to its high maintenance liability.

Amélie Housing will also conduct regular property inspections at least annually, to determine the standard of the property and ensure that maintenance required for safety and security is carried out. Amélie Housing will ensure that annual fire safety audits are carried out on each property.

Amélie Housing will set aside an annual provision per property per year to cover responsive and planned maintenance, and including funds set aside to build reserves for major upgrades.

Tenants are to be given 12 months’ notice that their property is scheduled for planned maintenance. Where a property becomes vacant within 12 months of any planned maintenance, consideration is to be given to the feasibility of bringing the work forward to minimise the impact on future tenants.

Cyclical maintenance

Cyclical maintenance is designed to maximise the life of properties and covers a period of five to seven years.  It includes the following:

  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Carpet replacement
  • Fencing
  • Roofing
  • Guttering and piping
  • Wiring
  • Fire and security

Amélie Housing will develop a budget for cyclical maintenance expenditure for all properties.  The aim is to obtain the maximum values for resources during the life of the property.

Long term maintenance

Long term maintenance covers the life span of the property, which may be 15 to 20 years, and includes major items such as:

  • Upgrade of the kitchen
  • Upgrade of bathrooms
  • Major renovation
  • Major modification


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