The purpose of the Contractors policy is to outline Amélie Housing’s procurement procedure and provide clear guidelines on

  • Risk management,
  • Amélie Housing’s Maintenance Code of Conduct,
  • compliance and inspection of work,
  • audit and quality assurance, escalation of non-compliance,
  • the manner in which outstanding work orders are dealt with,
  • the schedule of rates and breaches of the Contractors Code of Conduct.

This policy applies to all staff, and contractors of Amélie Housing who are applying to deliver contract services, or who are existing contractors providing services to Amélie Housing tenants or involved in responsive, planned and cyclical maintenance.


In order for Amélie Housing to secure contractors whose services meet our needs in terms of quality, quantity and time frame Amélie Housing ensures

  • all contractors are experienced,
  • they hold appropriate licenses for the trade in which they are working and
  • supply copies of current insurances.

A contractor may not be eligible to work for Amélie Housing where there is a conflict of interest.  As such Amélie Housing must be advised of anything which may be considered a conflict of interest. This possible conflict of interest is then assessed prior to the contractor being engaged to perform any work.

Contractor Risk Management

All contractors engaged by Amélie Housing are qualified and experienced in their field, and are able to demonstrate consistent work to a quality standard.

Amélie Housing uses feedback received in the annual tenant survey as well as auditing of works to ensure quality of work is always maintained to the highest standard.

Contractors are placed on annual agreements which are reviewed against contractors Key Performance Indicators. Failure to perform and meet Key Performance Indicators may result in a review and possible termination of agreement.

Code of Conduct

Amélie Housing has a Maintenance Code of Conduct which outlines the standard of behaviour required of contractors performing work on our behalf.

To ensure work is completed as smoothly as possible contractors need treat tenants and tenants’ property with care and respect.

Amélie Housing’s Maintenance Code of Conduct applies to the conduct of, staff, visitors, sub-contractors, sub-contractors staff, suppliers, suppliers staff and their visitors.

The organisation and its employees and must be observed at all times when working on or visiting Amélie Housing’s properties and in dealings with Amélie Housing’s member, member’s employees and their tenants.

The Maintenance Code of Conduct


The organisation and its Officers have a duty to Contractors, their Staff, and Sub Contractors to:

  • Act fairly
  • Maintain high ethical standards in their dealings.
  • Honour agreements and undertakings and act in good faith
  • Establish a fair and equal basis for relationships
  • Be courteous at all times

Contractors have a similar duty to:

  • Act fairly and in good faith
  • Adopt high ethical standards in their dealings with the Organisation
  • Honour agreements and undertakings
  • Be courteous to the Organisations Clients and its employees at all times
  • Perform all Work under a contract in accordance with this Code of Conduct and in conjunction with the Maintenance Work.

Requirements and all other processes and requirements outlined within the Contract

Difficulties faced On Site by Contractors during the course of the Contract

In situations where Contractors, their Staff, or Subcontractors consider there is a viable risk to Health and Safety or staff, they may:

  • Leave the property involved
  • Not perform the works ordered
  • Not suffer a penalty under the terms of the contract for not performing the Work (subject to the Contract)
  • These actions are to be taken in full compliance will all Work, Health and Safety Legislation

Examples impacting on contractor safety could be:

  • Where a Client or other people at the property appear affected by alcohol or other substances and entry onto or remaining on the property may provoke an undesirable situation
  • Where there are groups of people at or near a property and their demeanour and general attitude is one of menace
  • If a Client is agitated and/or is displaying erratic or other inappropriate behaviour which may be a threat to personal safety
  • If aggression is displayed and directed towards the Contractor, including by an animal (such as a dog)
  • In any instance (whether caused by or contributed to by the Contractor) where the Contractor determines that the safety of himself, his Staff or Sub Contractors his machinery, equipment, and other property is either in danger or under threat of danger, or where an unsafe situation has developed

In all such instances or others representing a personal threat contractors are advised not to enter the property or leave from the property immediately or as soon as it is safe to do so.
Contractors are requested to advise Amélie Housing immediately of any issues arising so support can be put in place for the tenant and appropriate action taken to ensure the required works can be carried out in a safe, secure and timely manner.

Contacting Clients and when you first arrive at a Clients home

Upon receiving a Work order from the Organisation – Contact the Client and negotiate a compatible time and day to commence/complete the requested work order. Arrive at Clients premises at the negotiated day and time – seek out the Client, show your Identification Card and Work Order, and in a friendly and courteous manner ask if it is convenient to commence working.

Do not announce your arrival by a loud entry of your vehicles and equipment in the driveway or the front street.  Park your vehicles in the street or other proper designated parking area and then seek the Client’s permission to enter the property

Compliance and Inspection of work

Amélie Housing expects all contractors work to comply with Australian standards. As such Amélie Housing inspects 10% of all work to ensure contractors are complying with Australian standards.

Audit and Quality Assurance

10% of all works are regularly audited to ensure contractors’ work complies with Australian standards, inspections are also conducted to assess the quality of workmanship.

Amélie Housing also use the annual tenant surveys to help understand tenant satisfaction with quality of work being performed in their properties.    

Escalation of Non-Compliance

Ensuring all work complies with Australian standards is of the utmost importance to Amélie Housing.  Where contractors’ work is identified as being non-compliant they will be contacted immediately and asked to attend and rectify works within 24 hours.

Completion of Work Orders

  • On a weekly basis, all work orders are assessed to ensure there are no outstanding works. Where outstanding works are identified, the contractor will be contacted to ascertain whether there is a valid reason for the delay.
  • Where a valid reason for the delay is identified the work order completion date will be updated to reflect the new due date

Schedule of Rates

As required Amélie Housing, uses Housing NSW’s schedule of rates as a basic pricing guideline.

Code of Conduct and Breach of Code of Conduct

The Amélie Housing Code of Conduct is made available to all new contractors and they are expected to ensure anyone they send to a Amélie Housing property adheres to this. Contractors are held responsible for the behaviour of any person they send to a property.

Amélie Housing’s key commitments to our suppliers and contractors are to:

  • Act honestly and fairly in our business relationships
  • Not engage in bribery or corruption
  • Encourage suppliers and contractors to abide by the principles of our Code of Conduct
  • Endeavour to only procure goods and services from those organisations demonstrating good ethical practice.

If there is a breach of the Code of Conduct Amélie Housing will assess the severity and may choose to speak to the contractor verbally about the situation.  On a second occurrence of a breach or where the first occurrence is severe Amélie Housing’s Asset Manager will write to the contractor outlining the breach and reminding them on the Maintenance Code of Conduct.

If there are any severe breaches to the Maintenance Code of Conduct; Amélie Housing may cease the relationship with the contractor.

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