This Policy is to assist Amélie Housing staff to manage Rental Bonds when starting a new tenancy or transferring a tenancy.

Amélie Housing supports applicants and tenants to actively participate in establishing and supporting pathways to financial inclusion and empowerment. Investment in Rental Bond supports tenant engagement in their own tenancy, and protects the property investment of

Amélie Housing in establishing, maintaining tenancies in properties that are safe, clean and meet all requirements of the National Regulatory Code.

This policy applies to all staff tenants and applicants of Amélie Housing. Each state and territory are bound by the Bond Lodgement legislation for that jurisdiction.

Amount of Rental Bond

Social Housing tenants are to be charged a maximum of the following:

• Four (4) weeks of the market rent for the property; or

• Two thousand dollars ($2,000), whichever is the lesser amount.

Affordable Housing Bonds

Affordable Housing tenants are to pay a bond equal to four (4) weeks of the market rental.

Lodgement of the Rental Bond

After signing the lease, the client must pay the required bond amount. The initial Rental Bond must be lodged within10 working days with the relevant authority.

The client must be given a signed copy of the Rental Bond Lodgement Form as proof that Amélie Housing has received their initial rental bond payment.

If the tenant is not able to pay the bond in full at signup, the Rental Bond Lodgement Form must still be lodged with the relevant authority.

Rental Bond Installments

Amélie Housing will support tenants to access the resources they need to establish a tenancy and pay their bond in full, without needing to pay installments and begin their tenancy with a payable debt.

If a tenant is not able to pay the Bond in full, Amélie Housing may assess a person as eligible for bond installments. Bond installment are to be paid as follows:

• $200 initial payment; and

• $50 per fortnight instalment until the bond is paid in full.

Claiming a Rental Bond

The main reasons a claim can be made against the bond are:

  • unpaid rent
  • the reasonable cost of repairing damage to the premises, beyond fair wear and tear
  • unpaid non-rent charges, for example unpaid water usage charges
  • the cost of cleaning any part of the premises not left in reasonable, safe or habitable state as assessed against the property condition report and start of tenancy documentation
  • the reasonable cost of having the barrel of the locks changed or other security devices replaced, if the tenant has failed to return all keys and security devices they were given.

There may be other legitimate reasons for making a claim against the tenant’s bond, such as the cost of disposing of goods left behind by the tenant. The claim must relate to a demonstrated breach of the tenancy agreement by the tenant.

Any claim for the Bond must be supported by evidence such as photos, rent or water ledgers or property conditions reports. This evidence must be made available to the tenant.

Information for NSW tenants Rental Bonds in NSW can be found at NSW Fair Trading website

Information for South Australia tenants on Rental Bond Refunds can be found on the South Australian Government Website.

Transferring a bond between properties

If a tenant moves to a new property, the bond can be automatically transferred to the new property.

This can only occur if both properties are managed by Amélie Housing. It will be necessary for the tenant and Amélie Housing to complete a Transfer Form and lodged with the relevant authority.

The Transfer of Bond should only proceed if there is to be no claim on the bond at the old property address.

Any additions or reductions to the bond amount will be charged to the tenant or refunded depending on bond increase or decrease in the new property.

Changes to Amélie Housing Details in Rental Bond Lodgement

Any changes occurring within Amélie Housing that impact on the lodgement and claiming of bonds must be lodged with the relevant authority in each state and territory.

This includes change of address, managing agent, principal or approved signatories the relevant forms must be completed and lodged with the relevant authorities within 10 working days.

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