It is the policy of Amélie Housing to:

  • Ensure that tenant participation is supported at all levels of the organisation
  • Provide all new tenants with membership application forms on the signing of their tenancy agreements
  • Encourage tenant involvement in decision-making and participation at Board level
  • Ensure that opportunities exist for tenants to participate in issues relating to community housing management and development
  • Conduct regular surveys to ensure feedback from tenants on housing issues, policy and participation issues
  • Providing ongoing information to tenants
  • Promote social, financial and community inclusion for tenants

This policy applies to all tenants, applicants, staff, volunteers and contractors of Amélie Housing.

Tenant feedback

Amélie Housing encourages tenants to provide feedback about the organisation and its services through a variety of mechanisms including:

  • Annual tenant surveys
  • On line suggestion forms
  • Suggestion boxes
  • Tenant groups.

Amélie Housing will seek tenants’ views on the organisation’s service delivery, policies and procedures, proposed changes and other issues. Tenants’ views will be formally considered within the organisation and the organisation’s response will be reported back to tenants.

Tenant engagement and participation

Amélie Housing encourages tenants to develop their skills and to use those skills to develop avenues for training, education and employment.

Amélie Housing will meet any out of pocket expenses incurred by tenants when attending meetings, requiring transport and/or childcare.

Amélie Housing encourages tenants in units or villa complexes to develop neighbourhood committees and to participate in maintaining the common areas.

Where appropriate, Amélie Housing will liaise with other organisations to ensure tenants are supported to participate in tenant engagement.



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