It is the policy of Amélie Housing to:

  • Acknowledge at every level within the organisation that tenants are the most important part of the organisation
  • Acknowledge that tenants have a role in the decision-making process affecting their housing
  • Acknowledge that tenants have the right to make a complaint or appeal a decision that affects their tenancy
  • Acknowledge that tenants have the right to responsive repairs to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Acknowledge that tenants have the right to information regarding Amélie Housing, including about their rights and obligations
  • Treat tenants with respect regardless of race, culture, religion, sexuality or beliefs
  • Protect tenants from exploitation, abuse, unlawful and degrading treatment.

All employees, volunteers and Directors of Amélie Housing will adhere to this policy at all times.

Amélie Housing will proactively seek tenants’ feedback and incorporate it into its policy and service delivery improvements.  Amélie Housing will respond to any evidence of unsatisfactory service delivery.

This policy applies to all tenants, applicants, contractors, staff and volunteers engaged with Amélie Housing.

Tenant Rights

How we will work with you:

  • Provide services that meet all legislative responsibilities, funding guidelines, tenancy law requirements and comply with funding program guidelines
  • Provide services where tenants feel free to express their concerns or dissatisfaction with any process that affects them
  • Provide information to tenants about housing options, support options and other community services, as required
  • Make decisions which affect tenants in a fair and transparent manner
  • Offer tenants safe and secure housing that is long term as long as they meet eligibility guidelines
  • Maintain confidentiality of tenant and applicant information at all times
  • Provide access to tenants to their own file on request
  • Provide safe services that are non-discriminatory to all persons regardless of religion, race, sex or gender

Tenant Responsibilities

Your responsibilities:

  • Meet the requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act (2010)
  • Pay rent, water and any charges on time
  • Keep the property in reasonable condition
  • Respect staff and tenants of Amélie Housing
  • Not engage in any behaviour that could disturb or cause distress to neighbours and staff
  • Not engage in any abusive, threatening behaviour or any type of behaviour that could be discriminatory or experienced as harassment
  • Not engage in any illegal activity
  • Supply all proof of income evidence requirements on time as requested

Complaints and Appeals

If a tenant is not satisfied with a service provided by Amélie Housing or does not agree with a decision it has made, they can ask for a formal review. To do this, the tenant can complete a review of decision form.

Details on how to make a complaint, provide feedback or lodge an appeal are found in Amélie Housing Complaints and Appeals policy.

If a tenant is unhappy with the outcome of an appeal to Amélie Housing, they can lodge an appeal Housing Appeals Committee. The Housing Appeals Committee is an independent agency that reviews certain decisions made by staff of Community Housing organisations and Housing NSW. For information on the Housing Appeals Committee call: 1800 629 794 or go to



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